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Canon S5 IS, 8MP Compact Digital Camera

$699 rrp
Canon S5 IS, 8MP Compact Digital Camera
Canon S5 IS, 8MP Compact Digital Camera

8 Megapixel Digital Camera with 12 x Optical Zoom and 2.5" screen. Includes: Autofocus, PictBridge, Movie Function, Image Stabiliser, Inbuilt Flash, USB Connectivity.

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Features and Specifications


Movie Function
Image Stabiliser
Inbuilt Flash
USB Connectivity


Camera Type

Image Quality

8 Megapixels


Digital Zoom
4 x

Optical Zoom
12 x

Focal Length Min
36 mm

Focal Length Max
432 mm


Memory Card Type
Secure Digital/MultiMedia Card

View Finder

Inbuilt Screen Size
2.5 Inches


117 mm

77.7 mm

80 mm

450 grams


Release Date
Jul 2007
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