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TomTom 140 Car GPS

$249 rrp
TomTom 140 Car GPS
TomTom 140 Car GPS

3.5" GPS Navigator with a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 3 hour battery life, 2000MB of internal memory, 1yr warranty. Includes: MP3 Player, Voice Guided Nav, Text to Speech, Points of Interest, Night View, Touch Screen, USB Connectivity, Car Charger.

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Features and Specifications


MP3 Player
Voice Guided Nav
Text to Speech
Points of Interest
Night View
Touch Screen
USB Connectivity
Car Charger


GPS for


Screen Size
3.5 "

320 x 240 pixels

Navigation Views
2D, 3D, Turn by Turn


Memory Type

Internal Memory
2000 MB


Internal Battery

Battery Life
3 hours


92 mm

78 mm

25 mm

140 grams


Map Provider
Sensis Whereis


1 year


Release Date
Jul 2009
Withdrawal Date
Mar 2012
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