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Toshiba AT1S0/001 16GB (PDA03A-00100H) 7" Tablet PC

Toshiba AT1S0/001 16GB (PDA03A-00100H) 7" Tablet PC
Toshiba AT1S0/001 16GB (PDA03A-00100H) 7" Tablet PC

7" 16GB Toshiba Tablet PC with a 1280 x 800 pixel screen resolution, running the Android operating system. 1yr warranty. Includes: Camera, Video Capture, Video Calling, GPS Receiver, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Memory Card Port.

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Features and Specifications


Video Capture
Video Calling
GPS Receiver
Memory Card Port


Tablet PC

Operating System

Camera Resolution
5 Megapixels

Internal Memory
16 GB

GPS Receiver

Media File Formats
JPEG, MP3, MPEG4 (Includes DivX)

Battery Life
8 hours


Screen Size
7 "

1280 x 800


Wi-Fi Bands
b, g, n



Audio Output
3.5mm Line-out

Video Output
HDMI (includes mini connector)


1 year
Limited P&L


Release Date
Mar 2012
Withdrawal Date
Oct 2012
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