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Samsung WD1102XVM Front Load Washer

$2,599 rrp
Samsung WD1102XVM Front Load Washer
Samsung WD1102XVM Front Load Washer

4.5 star water efficiency 10kg Front Load Washer. 2yr warranty. Includes: Integrated Dryer, Electronic Controls.

Water_rating 4.5 /6
Energy_rating 3.5 /6

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Features and Specifications


Integrated Dryer
Electronic Controls


Load Type
Front Load

Washload Capacity
10 kg


Max Spin Speed
1200 rpm


Water Efficiency Rating
4.5 Stars

Water Consumption
86 Litres


Energy Rating
3.5 in Stars

Warm Wash Energy Consumption
475 kWh/yr

Cold Wash Energy Consumption
183 kWh/yr


686 mm

991 mm

811 mm


2 years
P&L (Motor 10yrs)


Release Date
Sep 2011
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