Comparison helps you make informed buying decisions quickly and easily. We are a reliable source for detailed product information enabling you to cut through sales blurb on the glossy brochures to make a genuine “apples with apples” comparison helping you make a purchase that you will be truly satisfied with.


Comparison is an innovative provider of comparison shopping services, dedicated to helping consumers make informed choices about products. We serve the savvy shopper of today who researches complex products online. We connect the informed consumer to local and online retailers enabling them to make their purchase. We are committed to being an independent, unbiased and a transparent provider of quality product information.


Unbiased Information: We enable you to dig deeper than the glossy brochure or advertisement. We provide you with detailed specifications and links to manufacturer documentation. Our buyer guides offer independent advice for making a purchase.

Personalised Search: We enable you to search, browse and shortlist products based on features and functions important to you. Our innovative search technology enables you to quickly review and compare products that meet your criteria.

Avoid Information Overload: Our search functionality enables you to quickly and easily cull down hundreds of products to a manageable shortlist which can then be compared in greater detail. Additionally you can step forward or back, narrowing or widening your search criteria at will.

Direct Comparison: Our mission is to enable you to make a true “apples with apples” comparisons, so you can compare “feature for feature” the products you are interested in. You can save your shortlist and continue your search at a later time.

Local retailers: We enable you to identify online or your local retailers that have deals on the products you are interested in.

Advertising and Sponsorship

We are able to provide a free product comparison service to you by accepting advertising and sponsorships. If you click on a deal, advertisement or link to a third party, Comparison may earn advertising revenue or a commission. Â Our advertising and sponsorship arrangements do not influence how products are presented to you.

Best Deal Recommendations

When we present products ranked by “best deal” or “hot deal” we rank these products based on the deal price being the most significant percentage discount from the market price for this product in our database. The market price is calculated based on previous prices we have received from a manufacturer or an advertiser for the product. Â Our deals are matched automatically and our advertising or sponsorship arrangements do not influence how we select a deal.